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Child Care, Regina SK - Main 3
Our Staff
At Solid Futures Learning Centre Co-operative Ltd. we have a team of dedicated staff who provide learning through play programming in a loving and nurturing environment.  Our staff are dedicated to working in partnership with parents to achieve positive childhood development experiences.  Our goal is to not only support the child but also the family unit.

Our staff implement innovative and currently accepted child care practices that stimulate learning.  We believe that all children are individuals who have different personalities, feelings and developmental needs and these differences are respected. 

We are committed to interaction with other child care organizations to help all children meet their potential.  The staff recognize their responsibility to the early childhood community at large in providing leadership in quality care. Staff in our centre hold either Level 1, Level 2 or Level 3 Early Childhood Education, have a current certificate in Standard 1st Aid and Level “C” CPR and have current criminal record checks.

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